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5L Laboratory scale photobioreactor

Cikkszám: Bioreactors - Photobioreactor PBR-5.4
Gyártó: Bioreactors

Árajánlatért és további információért keresse kollégánkat:

Kőrösi Péter
Tel.: +36-30/970-7427
E-mail: korosi.peter@labex.hu

Leírás és Paraméterek

Photobioreactor PBR-5.4 is an autoclavable glass / stainless steel photobioreactor with vessel volume of 6.2 L (working volume 2 – 4.5 L, inner diameter – 150 mm).​

Laboratory bioreactor PBR-5.4 is devised for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria.
Bioprocess controller BIO-4

In the bioprocess controller BIO-4 are included: colored 5.6” touch screen interface display, thermostat, peristaltic pumps, LED cover, illumination control, air and СO2 gas supply unit.

Bioprocess controller BIO-4 ensures:

  • Control of pH, pO2, illumination (LED) intensity, temperature, foam and culture level

  • Display of the process data (temperature, pH, pO2, illumination intensity etc.)

  • CO2 supply via automatic pH control or manual CO2 gas flow rate control

  • Illumination intensity control – 0 to 100% (0 to 1500 µmol/m2/s)

  • Control of the illumination intensity as a time dependent profile program

  • Illumination day/night cycles

  • Remote control of the experiment via internet, real time data acquisition and plotting (SCADA Control System)

  • Thermoregulation (is carried out trough double wall bottom (jacket), with thermo-stating water circulation)

  • Both static and day/night temperature control is possible

  • Mixing (provided by mixer consisting of 2 propeller type turbines devised for shear sensitive microorganism cultivation

  • Addition of various substances (provided by peristaltic pumps for hemostat cultivation mode and fed-batch control (fed-batch control constant or pulse).

Extension and option possibilities

Gas mixing using mass flow controllers Hamilton ARC pH and DO sensors. These sensors send 4-20 mA signals directly to PLC and ensure at the same time information management via Bluetooth in smartphones or PC installed programs. This program generates a report about all calibration procedures, sterilization numbers, predicted service life.

Connection of additional sensors: culture turbidity (optical density), culture permittivity (viable cell density), conductivity, methanol/ethanol, off-gas analysis (O2, CO2, CH4), etc.

On-line/off-line data analysis and advanced process control possibilities using PC implemented program (Matlab, Python) algorithms communicating to process control system (PLC and SCADA).

Model: PBR-5.4

Total volume (L): 6.2
Working volume (L): 2 – 4,5
Inside diameter/Inside height (mm): 150/350
Aeration, mixing: Controls - Rotameter, TMFC (optional)
Aeration: Air, + O2 (optional) or Air / CO2, + O2, N2 (optional) Air / CO2 in excess space
Range, l / min: 0.5 – 10
Bubbler: Ring Bubbler
Filters: D51 mm 0.2 μm PTFE
Off-gas condenser: Water cooling
Drive unit type: Top placed magnetic drive
Mixer rotation speed (rpm): 40 - 1000
Impellers:Two standard Rushton turbines or  Stirrers with inclined "propeller" blades
Control: Siemens Simatic S7-1500
Control Panel: Touch Screen Weintek eM3070, 5,7” TFT
Temperature: Control limits: from 5°C above cooling water up to 70 °C Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 °C and control accuracy +/- 0.2 °C
pH: Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Acid/Alkali 2-12 +/- 0.01 pH units
pO2: Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Stir control + О2 (optional). 0-150% +/- 1% or Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Stir control + gas mixtures (optional).
Foam: Conductivity sensor
Feeding: 0.05-50 ml/min according to the set profile
Peristaltic pumps: 4 built-in variable speed pumps. Additional pumps (optional)
Dimensions: Overall dimensions of the bioreactor (mm) 930(W) х 800(H) х 600(D)