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Super XRF1050

Cikkszám: SKYRAY Super XRF1050
Gyártó: Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

Presently the environmental protection has been the world trend. The unceasing arisen pollutions such as recent blood-lead case in Fengxiang, Shanxi Province have raised people’s concern on personal health and focusing on hazardous substances harming human body. The world countries are releasing relevant regulations in succession on controlling hazardous substances in commodities, accordingly, the allowable values are becoming less and less. For example, Lead limit value is 1000pm in RoHS directive executed by European Union in Jul.1,2006. Recently, the USA CPSIA regulates that lead element limit value is 90ppm. Facing the market demand, Skyray specially designs this Super XRF 1000 with the new technology and Skyray spirits.

Performance characteristics

1.Skyray patent technology----special excitation X-ray source, sample excitation structure and detection system; greatly improve detection sensitivity(reduce detection limit)
2.Modern figure, color and structure; electric control upper cover is more ergonomically;
3.Collimator and auto switch filter switch can meet different analytical requirements;
4.Large-capacity sample chamber and high-resolution CCD are useful for easy operation;
5.Equipped with software of full functions.

Technical specifications

Measurable range: S to U
Content range: 1ppm to 99.99%
It greatly improves hazardous elements detection limit compared with ordinary desk-top XRF spectrometer.
Repeatability: 0.1%
Long-term stability: 0.1%
Ambient temperature: 15℃ to 30℃
Power: AC 220V±5V. AC purified stabilized power is used.

Standard configurations

Super X-ray source and excitation structure
Super sample chamber with upper cover of electric switch
Auto switch collimators and filters
CCD of high-resolution
Si-PIN detector
Signal detection circuit
High and low voltage power
Professional XRF software

Application fields

Micro elements analysis in metallurgy industry, trace-amount hazardous elements analysis in metals
Trace-amount heavy metal analysis in environmental soil, air, water and other mediums
Trace-amount element analysis in resin film of metal finished product manufacturing
Trace-amount elements harming human body in precious metal industry
Trace-amount element analysis in rare earth
Sub-nanometer thickness analysis in metal plating industry
Trace-amount element harming human body analysis in foreign trade business
Trace-amount element analysis in 8 heavy metals in toys exporting industry