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Purge Gas Generators

Cikkszám: cmc Purge Gas Generators
Gyártó: cmc-Instruments GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

  • FT-IR spectroscopy
  • Plant growth studies

PG series Purge gas generators
  • CO2 < 1 ppm, H2O < 1 ppm
  • Clearer background, quicker time
  • Safer and less expensive than cylinders
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Virtually maintenance free

Purge gas generators from cmc Instruments are designed for a stress free life. The PG series are quiet, easy to install and delivered as complete units. Constant, high purity, purge gas for analysis you can rely on.

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology is used to remove CO2 and H2O vapour after the air has first been filtered to remove any water, oil, dust and aerosol. The outlet filter ensures no particles produced or introduced in the generator are transported to the analyser. The clear bowl filters allow easy inspection and maintenance. This guarantees reliable, ultra pure purge gas production.

The molecular sieve regenerates automatically on a continuous basis. So the system is designed for 24/7 running.

Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance is the result. To protect the system from oil, water or dust it is recommended to change the filter annually. Extra coalescing filters can be added in case of dirty compressed air.