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Hydrogen Generators

Cikkszám: cmc Hydrogen Generators
Gyártó: cmc-Instruments GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

Hydrogen  Generators

  • 99.999% H2
  • Constant purity
  • Easy install
  • Sophisticated  safety control

Hydrogen generators from cmc Instruments are designed with safety and longevity in mind. The HG series uses an electrochemical cell with solid polymer electrolyte to provide ultra high purity (99.999%) hydrogen for a variety of applications.

Deionised water is the only liquid in the unit. The electrolysis produces hydrogen and oxygen ions. The positively charged hydrogen ions are transported across the membrane. The ions then recombine to form molecular hydrogen gas which is then dried and made available to the output.

Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance is the result of careful electrical and mechanical design. Maintenance consists of replacement/regeneration of the dessicant and replacement of the deioniser bag.

The HG series is available in 4 standard capacities with max flow rates of 200 to 1200ml/min. Each model is available as a desktop or 19" rack version.

Customise your cmc Instruments generator with the features you want. Failure indication and alarm from gas, water and power supply are all options together with automatic switchover to cylinders in case of system failure. Different fittings and outlets are available to make the hydrogen generator instantly compatible with your supply and destination equipment.