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Hydrolab - R Water Purification System

Cikkszám: Hydrolab - R Water Purification System

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Leírás és Paraméterek

The R-series demineralizers produce ultra-pure water that meets the requirements of ISO 3696:1999 for first degree water and EP. They have extensive automation enabling monitoring of work at selected stages of transfer, data archiving, individual settings of alarm thresholds, control of the function of flat membrane connections and indication of the content level.

R demineralizer is a device, that combines features of two series: Spring and Technical into a one system, optimizing investment expenses by eliminating common construction areas. It produces ultrapure water, that fits the standards of PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 for first purity class and EP. The device has an extended automatics, that allow to monitor the disposable materials performance, data backup, adjustment of alarm levels (for feed, after reverse osmosis, and ultrapure water), control automatic membrane rinsing. These systems also have several protections included, for a comfortable user experience.



•instrumental analytical methods AAS, ICP/MS, IC, HPLC*, GC*
•bacterial culture dilution, biochemical analysis, molecular biology**


Feed: Tap water

Capacity: 5/10/20/30/40/60 l/min

Water conductivity after treatment: 0,05 µS/cm

Standard: Water fulfils requirements of PN-EN ISO 3696:1999, Pharmacopeia for class I water

Versions: R, RUV, RUF

 Purification stages:
- Sedimentation pre-filter 5 µm (1)
- Module A (sedimentation 1 μm - carbon-softening) (2)
- reverse osmosis (3)
- Module TOC desalting with spectral pure mixed ion exchange biofilter TOC (4)
- UV lamp (5)
- UF Ultrafiltration module (optional) (6)
- Cascade microfiltration capsule 0.45/0.2 µm (7)

Purified water parameters:
TOC < 5 ppb
Bacteria < 1cfu/ml
Particles > 0,2μm < 1/ml
Endotoxins (pyrogens) < 0,001 EU/ml*
RNases < 0,01 ng/ml*
DNases < 4 pg/µl*
*with UF module