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Cikkszám: cmc Pure-Gas-Generators
Gyártó: cmc-Instruments GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

  • Purifies nitrogen, helium, argon, hydrogen... and more
  • Turns economy priced 3.0 gas into UHP quality 6.0 gas
  • Removes water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbons, freons, sulphur compounds
  • Stable baselines, no 'noise'
  • Self regenerates, no maintenance

Continuous gas purification with Puregas

The PGS Puregas series has been developed to purify bottle gases such as nitrogen (N2), helium (He), argon (Ar) or hydrogen from contaminants like water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, freons or sulphur compounds.

The purifiers adsorb multiple components with only one filter system. An integrated online regeneration in back purge mode continuously replaces the adsorbing capacity of the filter element. The adsorbing materials have endless capacity and are maintenance-free without any filter change.

Contaminants such as oxygen and water in carrier gas and purge gas for GC applications decreases the quality of analysis. Decomposition of the stationary phase in capillary and packed columns will give unstable baselines and poor reproducibility, yielding unreliable results.

Pure and ultra high purity (UHP) gases of 5.0 or 6.0 quality are necessary to reach the limits of detection. However service on gas lines and changing bottles or filters invariably allows ingress of contaminants from ambient air. Even gas bottles with 5.0 quality contain impurities and the dragging in of contaminants from ambient air cannot be excluded.

The necessary gas quality can be guaranteed only by continuous use of gas purification systems.

Which gases can be purified?

Fundamentally all inert gases with impurities up to 1000 ppm can be purified with the Puregas PGS series. At the gas outlet gas, impurities will be oxygen (O2) < 0.1 ppm, water (H2O) < 0.05 ppm, carbon dioxide (CO2) < 0.5 ppm, hydrocarbons < 0,1 ppm (excluding methane, CH4).

The PureOxy is designed purify oxygen with built-in catalytic-chamber to remove methane < 0,1 ppm.

The Puregas purification systems are designed as desktop versions. The systems should be installed in non-freezing areas. The supply of oil and water free gas is highly recommended. A high performance filter should be installed before the gas inlet in case the supplied gas is significantly contaminated by water and/or oil.

For quotations please specify gas to be purified and desired flow rate. Friendly sales engineers are waiting to discuss your application.


cmc Instruments offers a wide selection of gas analyzers and gas purifiers based on their experience in air separation and process industries. Also find Trace Moisture Analyzers in the Products section for ppm H2O measurement in gases.