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WDX200 Classic Multi-channel X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Cikkszám: SKYRAY WDX200 Classic Multi-channel X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Gyártó: Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

WDX-200 Small Multi-channel X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer features for 10 fixed light diffraction channels, 10 elements being analyzed simultaneously. These 10 elements are arbitrary from Na to U as required by the users. The instrument, an ideal quality control choice for large and medium-sized enterprises, is widely used in cement, steel, powder metallurgy, coal, petroleum, caoline, corhart, environment protection industries and so on.
WDX-200 is a tailor-made high-end analytical instrument for cement industry, meeting requirements of quality control and elemental analysis of the industry. Every technical specification has reached the advanced standard of that of the like international products.

Performance characteristics

Self-developed X-ray Fluorescence analysis system is in seamless connection with DCS system or QCX system built on the OPC SERVER and OPC framework. The configuration can be changed to QCS server.
All Chinese operating system makes the instrument easy to manipulate.
The all-spectrum analytical technique is created by us. It traces and corrects every spectrum in real time, which greatly improves the repeatability and stability of quantitative analysis.
There are two ways of qualitative analysis: empirical coefficient method and theoretical a-coefficient method, among which theoretical a-coefficient method reduces the number of standard sample greatly while retains the accuracy of qualitative analysis.
Analysis data treatment, linear fitting, and various matrices correction
The characteristic value can be calculated according to analysis values.
Man-machine interaction allows for setting and modifying the parameters.
Timely output of analysis data and report
Complete self-diagnosis measures

Technical specifications

Model: WDX200
Temperature control accuracy of constant temperature chamber: setting value36°C士0.1°C.
X-ray tube: 400W thin Be end window X-ray tube made by Varian company. Rh anode (optional)
High voltage supply: 200W (50KV4mA). 12-hour tube voltage & tube current stability: better than 005 %.
Measurable elements: 10 arbitrary elements from Na to U.
Detector: gas proportional detector plus sealed proportional detector; 10 paths of 1024-channel independent pulse height analyzer
Vacuum system: independent pumping station is easy for maintenance. The highest vacuum degree is lower than 5 Pa.
Flow gas system: high sophisticated flow density stabilizer with stability up to ±0.003 KPa.
AC220V power supply: 1KVA AC purified stabilized voltage power supply
Analysis accuracy: on 一1(24 hours, per cent) ≤0.05 %.
Test time of single sample: (including the time of changing the sample and pumping the vacuum)≤3 - 5 minutes
Analysis software: There are two ways of quantitative analysis: empirical coefficient method and theoretical a-coefficient method. As there is an adoption of all-spectrum detection technique, the repeatability and stability of quantitative analysis is greatly improved. The software has all-round self-diagnosis measures. The built-in RS-232 serial communication protocol, TCP / IP protocol (Socket based S/ C) and OPC protocol (OPC server) enable data sharing with DCS or QCS system.

Standard configurations

200W high-voltage power
400W Be end window X-ray tube
Gas flow proportional detector + sealed proportional detector
10 paths of 1024-channel independent pulse height analyzer
Independent vacuum pumping structure
High sophisticated flow density stabilizer
Multi-channel MCA real-time detection system
1KVA AC purified stabilized current

Application fields

X-ray fluorescence technique is rapid, accurate and non-destructive. Any field that requires elements or compound constituents analysis from Na to U can use X-ray fluorescence analytical instrument, for example, electronic appliances (RoHS detection), jewelries and ornaments, precious metal and plating, toy security (EN71-3), building materials (cement, glass, ceramic), metallurgy (steel, non-ferrous metals), petroleum (trace elements S, Pb, etc), chemistry, geographic mining, commodity inspection, quality control and human trace element detection. Its macro and micro analysis are reliable. It is a standing device used by colleges and scientific research units.