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V-Compact rotációs viszkoziméter

Cikkszám: Fungilab V-Compact Rotational Viscometer
Gyártó: Fungnilab

Leírás és Paraméterek

V-Compact Rotational Viscometer FGB Series from Fungilab

The V-Compact is a high-performance rotational viscometer, which has a smart and modern design, and a vanguard technology that offers the users very unique and innovative options. In contrast to conventional models, the device has a digital interface and is controlled wirelessly via an app. The design also enables easy changes to instrument parameters.

One of the standout features of the V-Compact design is the ability to customize the range of the viscometer without purchasing an alternative instrument. The V-Compact features different viscometer heads (L,R,H) which can easily be exchanged to cover all viscosity ranges.

Another very special feature that is built into the V-Compact is the Heldal motor that offers an opportunity to test low flowing substances.

The newly developed software provides full functionality and parameters can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet PC`s that support the application. This allows authorized laboratory staff to remotely access the test data from anywhere. Accessibility is the foundation of the V-Compact; it aims to provide an enriched and innovative experience that is constantly being improved. Users will also have access to customer representatives through an online chat feature when immediate assistance is required.