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Gyártó: LTE Scientific Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

LTE Touchclave Systems Autoclaves provide a medium to large capacity sterilization solution for a wide variety of applications.

Our Multi-Purpose range of general purpose rectangular chambered sterilizers are available in eight standard sizes from 435 to 1274 litres. Larger sized units up to 10,000 litres can also be provided.

All models can be configured for either single entry or pass-through. All Touchclave Systems autoclaves are fitted with a wide selection of features as standard, designed to ensure optimum performance.

The Touchclave Systems-MP operate either using the customers central steam supply, electrically heated integral or stand alone steam generators. Sterilizers can be supplied with polished chambers, stainless steel pipework and clean steam generators, and all are customisable to suit your individual needs.

Capacities: 435, 545, 636, 740, 860, 870, 1052 and 1274-litres plus bespoke sizes
Pass-Through: Available throughout the range
Chamber Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Temperatures: 105 – 137°C


Automatic Sliding Doors
The automatic sliding doors have a safety edge and auto-reverse system for operator safety, therefore the door will sense any obstructions during closure causing the door to stop and reverse direction preventing anything from getting trapped between the door and frame.

Pre/Post vacuum system
Provides quicker and more efficient air removal at the start of the cycle, ensuring that steam will penetrate deep into the load and not be affected by trapped air pockets. Can also help speed up the cooling stage, as the vacuum can be used to help dissipate heat from the load.

Water Jacket Cooling System
Speeds up the cooling stage of the sterilization cycle by flushing cold water through the Jacket.

Steam Jacket
Decrease your cycle speeds, reduce the condensation caused by a cool vessel wall. Speed up recovery from negative pulses and provide heated insulation for the chamber. If used with the Vacuum option this also provides effective drying of the load at the end of cycle.

Air Ballast System
Fluid loads, especially sealed containers, normally need to be cooled slowly in order to prevent breakage or volume loss. Air ballast provides an over pressure in the chamber during cooling allowing the fluids to be cooled faster and with a reduced risk of breakage or volume loss.

8-Program Touchscreen Control System
8 cycles can be stored into the memory as standard, providing a selection of load-specific cycles or giving users the option to develop and edit their own cycle profiles.

Internal Data Archiving
Touchclave Systems autoclaves are equipped with automatic electronic data archiving. This comprises of an internal data storage facility which allows up to 5000 cycles to be stored on a single flash-card.

Load Sensed Process Timer
A separate temperature probe monitors the chamber temperature and will not allow the cooling cycle to finish until both the chamber and load temperature below the set safe temperature (usually 80 degrees).

Thermal Paper Printer
The thermal paper printer comes as standard on the Touchclave Systems autoclave for additional peace of mind, this will print out all cycle details and operational data as the program progresses.

Fascia Mount Socket