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Gyártó: LTE Scientific Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

The Touchclave-Lab K Series is LTE’s top-line range of mid-sized rectangular chamber, general purpose autoclaves capable of processing the majority of load types.

Designed with a rectangular chamber and vertical sliding door, Touchclave-Lab K models offer maximum loading efficiency with a high level of standard features. Operated via a 7″ touchscreen interface, Touchclave-Lab autoclaves are easy to use and offer unrivalled versatility.

The Touchclave-K can operate using either a steam generator beneath the chamber or using your own direct steam supply. Using a direct steam supply allows you to maximise the usable chamber volume while also providing a clean, unencumbered chamber, free from heaters and water.

Our Touchclave-K offers built in safety features including a safety microswitch fitted to the door only allowing the steriliser cycle to start if the door is properly closed and locked, additionally the door cannot be opened until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Capacities: 150, 200, 300, 360 and 450-litres
Pass-Through: Available on 300, 360 and 450-litre models
Chamber Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Temperatures: 105 – 137°C

316L Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
Constructed with a 316L grade stainless steel pressure vessel. Fully compliant with the European pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

Anti-Bacterial Epoxy Powder Coating
Coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.

Steam Generator or Direct Steam Heating
‘K’ Series models are designed to operate using either a steam generator situated beneath the chamber, or via the customers own direct steam supply offering greater utility.

8-Program Touchscreen Control System
8 cycles can be stored into the memory as standard, providing a selection of load-specific cycles or giving users the option to develop and edit their own cycle profiles.

Internal Data Archiving
All Touchclave-Lab models are equipped with automatic electronic data archiving. This comprises of an internal data storage facility which allows up to 5000 cycles to be stored on a single flash-card.

Load Sensed Process Timer
A separate temperature probe monitors the chamber temperature and will not allow the cooling cycle to finish until both the chamber and load temperature below the set safe temperature (usually 80 degrees).

Exhaust Condensate Unit
A re-circulating exhaust condensate unit enables discharge water temperatures to be kept below 70°C to avoid damage to plastic pipes and the environment. On vacuum models this feature also serves to protect the vacuum pump from live steam.

Water Jacket Cooling System
Speeds up the cooling stage of the sterilisation cycle by flushing cold water through the Jacket.

Pneumatically Operated Door Lock and Sealing System
Both sliding and automatic doors are locked and sealed pneumatically by utilising the inbuilt silent air compressor. The door is managed by the control panel to ensure it cannot be released until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Integral Silent Air Compressor