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Statebourne Dewar

Cikkszám: STATEBOURNE Dewar
Gyártó: Statebourne Cryogenics

Leírás és Paraméterek

The BioRack series of refrigerators provide highly efficient storage of bulk Features quantities of cryovials.                                                  

Racking systems housed within these ultra-low loss cryogenic refrigerators enable users to store large quantities of Biomedical material over long periods of time, safe in the knowledge that storage temperatures even in the vapour phase, will be below-190°C.
Advanced super insulation and ultra high vacuum techniques allow storage times between refills of up to 6 months.
The BioRack Series are available in four sizes, with 750, 3000, 4800 and 6000 x 2ml Cryovial capacities.
All Bioracks are supplied complete with racks and polycarbonate cryoboxes.

Temperature Logger Alarm Unit

Providing continuous dependable monitoring of the temperature within the refrigerator, the CryoGuard data logger is the ideal choice for users who want to record sample temperature over long periods.

  • Low LN2 Level
  • High temperature
  •  Low battery power


All BioRack Series units are available with an optional CryoGuard low level alarm.

The Autofill accessory option is particularly useful for the long-term storage of samples within vapour phase environments. The system works by continuously monitoring the LN2 within the biorack and topping up the unit when natural evaporation causes the level to fall below a safe set-point,vital for the long term viability of the material being stored. This method is less economical in terms of LN2 consumption but provides the user with the ability to finely control the level within the unit over extended periods of up to 8 weeks between supply reservoir refills.