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Atomabszorpciós spektrofotométer - AA500G

Cikkszám: PG Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA500G
Gyártó: PG Instruments Limited

Leírás és Paraméterek

Standard Features

  • Embedded PC system built into the instrument as standard on all configurations. Pre-installed UV-Win Pro software, user manuals, cook book and Windows 7 professional operating system.
  • UV-Win Pro software provides full control of the instrument and autosampler with easy method change for each technique.
  • Automatic 8 Hollow Cathode lamp turret controlled and optimised by the AA-Win Pro software. Operating lamp current and warm-up lamp current can be individually controlled to eliminate drift commonly associated with lamp warming.
  • D2 lamp background correction system fitted as standard to all configurations. High energy D2 lamp and adjustable beam splitter mirror are optimised by the AA-Win pro software.
  • Self Reversal background correction system fitted as standard to all configurations. The high performance background system uses the same hollow cathode lamp as installed for the analysis.
  • Minimum extra components are required and optical alignment is very simple. Self Reversal can be used for any element at any wavelength making it extremely versatile.
  • High precision minimal optics ensures maximum light throughput to the computer controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator.
  • A universal autosampler is available as an optional accessory which is conveniently mounted on the front of the AA500 instrument.
  • Absorption and Emission modes are standard features in the AA WinPro software as well as peak height, peak area, sequential and manual integration modes.

Graphite Atomiser Features

  • The integrated Graphite Furnace Atomiser is available in two instrument configurations.
  • In the AA500G instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed into the light path so alignment with the optical path is simple and accurate.
  • In the AA500FG instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed behind the flame atomiser assembly and is motorised into position by a simple operation in the AAWinPro software. The positions for the flame and graphite are saved making it easy to swap between modes for different analysis.


  • The temperature of the transversely heated graphite tube is accurately controlled by means of a precision feedback system and has been designed to reduce analytical problems normally associated with this type of technique.
  • Pyrolytically coated graphite tubes are used as standard and are manufactured to improve performance as well as increase the analytical life.
  • Platform graphite tubes are supplied as standard and will accept volumes up to 20µl. Non-platform graphite tubes are also available as an optional extra.
  • Up to 10 heat stages are available for the programming of the graphite atomiser. These can be set and stored within the AAWinPro software.
  • The graphite tube is held in position by means of a gas piston. Replacement of the graphite tube is performed by a simple command in the AAWin Software.
  • The graphite tube is efficiently cooled by an additional water circulation system (supplied separately).