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Analitikai mérleg - ALT-B

Cikkszám: Kern Analytical balances ALT-B
Gyártó: KERN & SOHN GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

  • Convenient recipe-weighing: with the recipe database, in which up to 99 recipes can be stored, each with up to 20 recipe ingredients with name and target value
  • Rapid and efficient operation thanks to the graphics display
  • Simple plain text user guidance in the display in the following languages: D, GB, F, I, E, PT
  • Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature > 1,5 °C and time-controlled every 20 minutes
  • Percentage determination: makes it possible to store a given weight value (100 %) and to determine deviations from this target value
  • Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper/lower limit value. A visual signal assists with portion division, dispensing or grading
  • Vibration-free weighing: at the push of a button, a stable average weight is given when the environmental conditions are unstable
  • GLP/ISO record keeping of weight values with date, time and serial number
  • Modern all glass draft wind shield for optimal visibility of the weighing object