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Xenon Test Chamber - Xenon teszt kamra

Cikkszám: Xenon Test Chamber - teszt kamra
Gyártó: Wewontech

Leírás és Paraméterek

Xenon test chamber is affordable, full-featured, and has a large specimen capacity. It provides precise control of critical test parameters including spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black standard temperature.

Xenon test chamber is used for the selection of new materials, the improvement of existing materials or evaluating the changes in product formulation that affect product durability. This is an ideal instrument for total accelerated light stability and weathering testing; And can be used to test for light stability quickly.

● Remarkably and simple user interface; Built in connection for data logging
● Keep with comprehensive self-diagnostic warnings and service reminders
● Wewon xenon testing chamber is quick and easy calibration maintenance

Xenon test chambers which supplied by WEWON are in use for many years in various laboratories for quality testing and research experiments. These xenon arc weatherometer help you to ascertain the damage that can be caused to the products when they get exposed to full spectrum sunlight and rain.

In fact, There only very few manufactures who can produce the xenon test chambers in the world. It is a highly technology and difficult to make it. These very few manufactures are : Q-LAB & ATLAS from USA, and SUGA from Japan, There no more suppliers in the world !
Meanwhile, There only 3 suppliers from China who can make it, I mean xenon test chambers. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is one of the best from this 3 supplier for xenon test chambers.
Now the xenon test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has got the independent research and development patents. It is under the protection by National Patent and Copyright Organization with Lawyer Dept, Meanwhile, Wewon Xenon Test Chambers keeps a quite cheap price compare with Q-LAB, ATLAS, SUGA xenon test chambers. Welcome your inquiry !

Here are some most efficiently advantages from Wewon Xenon Test Chambers, These are the good point which we can fighing with Q-LAB, ATLAS Xenon Test Chambers.


●  Wind Running Ways The same as ATLAS, Wind running up and down opposite way. Get better temperature and uniformity of irradiation.
Temperature Control Method The same as ATLAS, New coming wind and the recycle wind with PID adjustment. Saving electric energy and tap water consume, noise dB reduction.
Lamp Cooling Water Heat exchanger supply for foreigh supplier, custom design, Pipes choose the teflon and SUS spare parts, Water’s quality more secure. Reduce corrosion for the lamp.
Measurement Testing 1 Using electronic temperature and humidity sensor.
Measurement Testing 2 Smaller power compressor, Cold humidification.
Advantages for Testing Improve testing accuracy, save electric energy, reduce the difficulty of manual maintenance.

More about the models here 


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