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Thickness X-ray

Cikkszám: SKYRAY Thick 800A
Gyártó: Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

Thick800A incorporates Skyray’s many years in plating thickness measurement with full-auto software operation, multi-point testing, software controlling the instrument and movable platform. It is a powerful instrument equipped with special software and widely applied in plating industries.

Performance characteristics

Test parts can be lifted up and down
High-precision moveable platform
Small collimator
High-resolution detector
Visual operation
Auto locate height
Auto search spot
Mouse locates the test point
Well ray shielding
Super large chamber design
Safe protection of test interface

Technical specifications

Model: Thick 800A
Analytical range: from S to U
Simultaneous analysis of at most 24 elements or coating of above 5 layers
Detection limit: 2ppm, analytical content: 2ppm to 99.9%
Coating thickness: 0.005um minimum, within 20um (it depends on different materials)
Micro collimator (minimum diameter: 0.1mm), test spot (within 0.2mm)
High-precision movable platform (position accuracy: below 0.005mm)
Arbitrary multiple optional analysis and identification models
Independent matrix effect correction models
Repeatability of multiple analyses reaches 0.05um (outermost layer Au below 1um)
Working stability over a long period: 0.1um (outermost layer Au below 1um)
Temperature range: 15℃ to 30℃
Power: AC220V±5V, AC purified stabilized voltage power is recommended
Size: 576×495×545 mm
Weight: 90kg

Standard configurations

Open sample chamber
Precise 2-D movable sample platform; the detection system can lift up and down to realize 3-D movement.
Double-laser locating device
Organic glass shielding cover
Si-Pin detector
Signal detection circuit
High-voltage power
X-ray tube
Altitude transducer
Protection transducer

Application fields

Detection for golden, platinum, silver, other precious metals and various jewelries content
Detection for plating thickness of metals, content of plating solution and plating
Mainly applied in precious metal and jewelry processing industries; bank, jewelry selling and detection institution, electroplating industries