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STE-23-T horizontális autokláv

Cikkszám: TINGET STE-23-T Class B Autoclaves (vacuum)
Gyártó: TINGET-Ningbo Ican Machines Co.
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető

Leírás és Paraméterek


- 1 instrument rack and 3 trays
- Sterilization temperature: 121 and 134 degrees.
- 3 buttons, very easy to use, any people can run it easily.
- All cycles are fully automatic; there is no need for human intervention in cycle management.
Three times fractionated pre-vacuum: STE-23-T works with a fractionated pre-vacuum and comply with the requirements to “Class B” autoclaves of the European standard EN 13060. The deep vacuum is created by a very high performance Japanese vacuum pump. The deep post-vacuum ensures optimal drying of wrapped materials and large quantities of wrapped textiles and porous goods as well.
Easy-to-read: bright blue LCD panel highlights pressure, temperature, time, and process alerts, working conditions of other functions, such as if connection status of printer, water level in tanks.
Fill and drain tanks: Our autoclaves are fitted with integral overhead type clean water tank that can be manually filled and cleaned very easily, they are also fitted with an inner waste tanks. Each tank has sensors to alert you when empty or full. Both tanks have quick connections for and draining.
Malfunction detection system: An audible alarm will alert you to any cycle abnormality, and also an error code will be shown on LCD display.
Vacuum pump: Second generation models are fitted with Japanese vacuum pump to aid the air removal and cooling. This pump is very low noise that ensures an quite working environment.
Separate steam generator: A major feature of this product is its innovative steam generator. This design has many advantages. Steam is generated quickly, helping to reduce overall cycle times. There are no heaters in the bottom of the chamber ensuring that the chamber is clean and unencumbered at all times. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
Pressure protection locking device: Each unit of second generation is equipped with pressure protection locking device that ensures the door would not be opened as long as the pressure value in chamber and atmospheric pressure are not equal. This system provides real security to every user.
Vacuum drying phase: For Class B autoclave, the complete drying can be achieved by vacuum; a drying phase is preset into all pre-programmed cycles that automatically runs immediately after sterilization phase.
Air cooling phase: the air cooling phase is preset into pre-programmed liquid cycle that automatically runs immediately after sterilization phase.
1. Printer: An external data printer is optional all models of second generation autoclaves
2. USB port: USB port is equipped as a standard to all models of second generation autoclaves, used for connecting a USB stick to store sterilization data.
3. Automatic storing data: Sterilization data of last 20 cycles can be automatically stored in the autoclave system, they can be chosen to print out or store in USB stick at any time.


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