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Precíziós mérleg - PET

Cikkszám: Kern precision balances PET
Gyártó: KERN & SOHN GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

  • Intuitive operation, increases efficiency and saves costs: Easy capture of item data at the PC, recall of items on the balance using the connected barcode or RFID scanner, output of weighing data using the large or second display or control outputs, data transfer to the PC, printer or alibi memory.
  • Individual user settings can be stored
    • - User name and number
    • - Password
    • - Menu language
    • - User profile
    • - Additional guest mode for users who are not logged in
    • - Authorisations, e. g. plant or modification of a recipe only by those with authorisation, recipe weighing can be carried out by the user
  • Best-before dates can be stored and printed for each item
  • Difference calculation: Weighing a sample before and after a machining process and automatic output of the difference value
  • Multiplier function: recipes and their ingredients can be multiplied at the press of a button, as required, which is ideal for the production of larger containers, bulk packs etc.
  • Enormous database (1 GB) for thousands of weighing results, items, recipes, recipe ingredients, container weights, user data etc.
  • Alibi memory: paperless form of the archive of weighing results, see also page Fehler, ungültiger Seitenverweis