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Orto Alresa Szitarázó

Cikkszám: Orto Alresa Sieve Shaker

Leírás és Paraméterek

The analytical sieve shaker OASS203 allows the reproducibility, according to ISO 9001 for control and measuring devices. Therefore, they are essential on research and quality control labs for industries along its manufacturing procedures. Some properties as mechanical strength, agglomeration due to adhesive forces, mixability, stress behavior, organoleptic properties, can be defined by using AOSS203.

-Sample capacity: up to 6 Kg.
-Sieving 3 D movement.
-Proper for wet and dry analysis.
-Controlled by microprocessor.

Use friendlinessly

-Sieving power selectable (100% to 6.400 RPM), allowing a greater dispersion of the
sample through the sieve and bigger efficiency of the process.
-Programmable up to 16 memories , time selectable from 10 second to 99 minutes and
hold position.
- Interval selection from 1 to 99 seconds.

- Extremely quiet, has the lowest noise level available in the market
- Housing of high resistance and stability.
-Electrical protection: Earthed fuses.

-Sieves on stainless Steel AISI 316 for metallic mesh y AISI 304 for perforated plates, all
of them provided of a rubber join for a better fitting, unalterable marking by laser.
-Sieves diameter: 203 mm (8”) & 200 mm.
-Max capacity: 8 pieces of 50 mm height or 16 of 25 mm, total height of set of sieves 400
-Range of particles size: 20 μ a 125 mm .
-Calibration certificate available