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Heal Force 160W CO2 inkubátor

Cikkszám: HF160W CO2 Incubator - HEAL FORCE
Gyártó: Heal Force Bio-meditech H. Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

Precise Temperature, CO2, O2 Control and High Humidity

1. Our HF160W CO2 incubator uses two individual PT1000 temperature sensors.
2. It utilizes long lasting reliable infrared or TCD CO2 sensor which offers specific measurement.
3. Special water jacket design ensures the temperature precision and stability.
4. Independent over-temperature safety control eliminates sample overheating.
5. A heated outer door minimizes cold spot that leads to condensation.
6. The CO2 incubator has automatic calibration function, which helps ensure accuracy.
7. It realizes relative humidity measurement and display.

Contamination Control System

1. Chambers are pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel, so they have no weld or seam, thus helping avoid contamination.
2. Easily removable, replaceable shelves make cleaning chambers an easy task.
3. The CO2 incubator utilizes HEPA filter, which makes air reach cleanness class100 standard.

User-friendly Interface

1. Our CO2 incubators feature a microprocessor with soft touch control panel for convenient operation.
2. Multicolor backlight LCD display shows temperature, CO2, O2 concentration and RH to users.
3. Comprehensive visual and audio alarms for all parameters are availab