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FD-50F automata liofilizáló

Cikkszám: LABFREEZ FD-50F Automatic Freeze Dryer
Gyártó: LABFREEZ Instruments Co. Ltd

Leírás és Paraméterek

FD-50F freeze dryer is which freeze dried in situ (Patented product).It changes the traditional complicated operation, prevents the pollution of the material realizes the dry sublimation automation. It’s suitable for unit production.The freeze dryer has heating shelf and programmable function. It may remember freeze drying curve so the users can observe this freeze-drying process of material.

Main Characteristics:

  1. The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ, The freeze dryer is equipped with observation windows and the drying process is intuitive.
  2. The temperature error is less than or equal 1℃,The drying effect is uniform.
  3. The partition-board temperature is adjustable and controlled.
  4. The drying chamber and cold trap is separated so the water-capture capability is higher and dreing time is shorter.
  5. Touching-screen operation, PID controlling, displaying curve.
  6. The sample tray is square so it’s easy to clean and operate.
  7. Valve with nitrogen is optional.
  8. The drying chamber adopts transparent organic glass door the changing process of material is clear.
  9. The test device is optional.
  10. All stainless steel type is optional.