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EDX3200S Sulfur Analyzer

Cikkszám: SKYRAY EDX3200S Sulfur Analyzer
Gyártó: Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek


Recently, to restrict the amount of sulfur present in petrochemical products especially oils such as gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil becomes a critical environment protection program in the international society. When too much sulfur is present in the fuels, it reacts with the air dissolved in fuel and reduces its stability. Furthermore, in the burning process of fuels, Sulfur decreases the transformation of the toxic discharges and results in the erosion of the engine’s fuel system. In addition, sulfur dioxide (SO2) generated in the burning process poses substantial damage to the natural environment. Therefore, sulfur control in the fuels aroused great concern all over the world.
To meet the demand of elemental analysis of petrochemicals in the current market, Skyray launched EDX 3200S X-ray fluorescence Spectrometer. EDX 3200S uses the physical test method, i.e. X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, to measure the content of the sulfur present in the petrochemicals. Its features include: rapid, precise, minimum human error and minimum sample preparation. EDX 3200S is crucial to determine whether the petrochemical products comply with the environmental regulations.

Performance characteristics

Small and smooth, simple but elegant. The silver light appearance demonstrates splendor.
Super small sealed helium gas sample chamber
The sample cup is designed of the same height, which ensures the measurement data to be accurate and saves the consumption of the standard sample and the gas.
High excitation efficiency end-window X-ray tube, large area Si-PIN detector, with good dissipation capability and high stability.
Top lighting design saves the traditional protection membrane, improves the test precision and prevents the sample to pollute the X-ray tube and Be window of the detector.
X-ray radiation shielding design provides safety to the operators.

Technical specifications

Measurable elements: P-U
Analysis range: 5ppm-99.99%
Simultaneous analysis: elemental analysis of petroleum, crude oil and liquids
Detection limit: 15 ppm (5ppm when helium gas is filled)
Function: specifically designed for elemental analysis of petrochemicals
Analysis accuracy: ±15% when elemental content <100ppm
±10% when elemental content ≥100ppm
Forms of object: liquid
Measurement time: (60~200)s
Working temperature: (10~35)℃
Relative humidity: ≤70%
Working voltage: AC 110V/220

Standard configurations

Sealed Helium gas sample chamber
Glass rotameter
Si-PIN Detector
Signal detection electric circuit
High and low voltage power supplies
X-ray tube
Open sample chamber
Specialized sulfur tester for all types of oil products
Intelligent sulfur testing software

Application fields

Crude Oils
Liquid element analysis