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Duplasugaras UV-Vis Spektrofotométer - M550

Cikkszám: True double beam UV Vis scanning spectrophotometer - M550
Gyártó: Camspec Ltd.

Leírás és Paraméterek

True double beam UV Vis scanning spectrophotometer 

This instrument is a True double beam UV Vis scanning spectrophotometer  M550 with parallel sample and reference beams.  The specification is as expected from a top-of-the-range instrument designed for research as well as routine use.

The M550 may be controlled by either UV Analyst or CamSpec Panorama software which is 21 CFR Part II compliant.  This means that it can be used for pharmaceutical analysis requiring FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval.

See our Standards for UV-Vis spectrophotometers

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, so all instruments are individually checked using wavelength and absorbance standards calibrated to international standards.  All Standards are calibrated to UKAS, NIST or NPL.

The M550 fully complies with CE requirements for safety and ESD / EMC emission and susceptibility.

The M550 now has a USB data port to enable file transfers

The M550 has a USB interface for transfer of results to a PC and for PC control of the M550. The  comprehensive Camspec UV-Analyst application software is  available, together with a number of small PC programs dedicated to specialist tasks.

Technical Specifications for the M550 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer



1/4 VGA 320x240pixels backlit LCD

Light sources

Tungsten-Halogen and Deuterium


Littrow type with 1200 lines/mm grating

Scan Speed

Up to 2500 nm/min (return 3000nm/min)


Silicon Photodiodes

Wavelength Range

190 - 1100nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 0.3nm

Wavelength Resolution


Wavelength Repeatability

± 0.05nm

Baseline Flatness

± 0.002 (After 1 Hr warm up 1100 – 200nm)

Zero Drift

< 0.001A per hour after warm-up


± 0.0001A @ 500nm 0A



Stray Light (A.S.T.M.)

KCl>2A at 198nm <0.05%T @ 220nm & 340nm

Photometric Accuracy

± 0.5% at 0.5A, 1.0A and 2.0A

Photometric Range

-0.3 to 3A, 0 to 200%T, 0 to 9999 Conc

Printer Interface

Parallel for A4 HP and Epson printers

Computer Interface

USB Port

Power Requirements

110/120V, 220/230V, 50/60 Hz, 110VA


630 x 410 x 280mm packed 770 x 560 x 410


24kg packed 28kg