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Cikkszám: Nabertherm Tube furnaces RD 15/150/11 - RD 30/200/13
Gyártó: Nabertherm GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

The RD product line furnaces convince with their unbeatable price-performance ratio, very compact outer dimensions and their low weight. These all-rounders are equipped with a working tube which also serves as support for the heating wires. Thus, the working tube is part of the furnace heating which has the advantage that the furnaces achieve very high heat-up rates. The furnaces can be supplied for 1100 °C or 1300 °C. All models are designed for horizontal application. If the customer requires protective gas atmosphere, a separate working tube, e.g. made of quartz glass, must be inserted in the working tube.

  • Tmax 1100 °C or 1300 °C
  • Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel
  • Outer diameter of the tube: 15mm or 30mm, heated length: 150mm or 200mm
  • Working tube made of C530 material including two fiber plugs as standard
  • Thermocouple type K (1100 °C) or type S (1300 °C)
  • Solid state relays provide for low-noise operation of the heating
  • Heating wires wound directly around the working tube resulting in very fast heat-up rates

Additional equipment

  • Over-temperature limit controller with adjustable shut-off temperature for thermal protection class 2 according to EN 60519-2 as over-temperature protection for furnace and load
  • Additional working tube, inserted in the integrated tube, e.g. for protective gas operation
  • Gas supply package for protective gas or vacuum operation
  • Version as thermocouple test furnace