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Climatic Test Chamber - Klímakamra

Cikkszám: Climatic Test Chamber
Gyártó: Wewontech

Leírás és Paraméterek

What is the climatic chamber test purpose ? Climatic Chamber used to test environment temperature suddenly changes impact on test item’s performance. When you are processing a climate chamber test, the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator is lower than the pipe outside air temperature, heat from the air will spread to the refrigerant, the heat transfer is continuous. To facilitate interpretation, we divided it into two parts: the convection and heat conduction.

Climatic testing chamber how it works ? Climatic testing chamber used in a specific area, Products are subject to extreme temperature changes on a regular basis. For example : (1) Electronic equipment on the aircraft taking off from the desert airport and rising to high altitude, missile, photoelectric equipment and bombs in bomb silo. (2) Products dropped from high altitude to desert areas. (3) Products transferred from indoor to outdoor in the arctic region.

The convection in the climatic chambers : The heat in the air is transferred to the wall of the evaporator tube. The heat conduction is basically realized by convection. The heat is transferred from the air to the wall of the evaporator through the pipe to the refrigerant, which is mostly realized by heat conduction.

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