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Salt Spray Chamber - Só spray

Cikkszám: Salt Spray Chamber - teszt kamra
Gyártó: Wewontech

Leírás és Paraméterek

Salt Spray Chamber used for testing the corrosive resistance of products whose the surface was treated with paint, electroplating, inorganic and organic film, anode handling, anti-rust oil, etc. Wall-mount spray system can be freely placed without occupying any effective test space.With imported quartz nozzle, it has the characteristics of smooth interior wall, accurate angle and no crystalline in long-time spraying. Distinctive spring door hinge design makes the chamber door easy to open and close. The inner and external shell of the chamber is made from PVC materials; Easy launder no leakage phenomenon.

Wewon salt spray chambers can simulate the marine climate and can be used to test the salt fog resistant performance of materials, products and their coatings. They can also be used to evaluate the quality of the coatings. The interior and exterior sides of the salt spray chamber are made of FRP glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is corrosion resistance, Anti-aging, high strength, P.P high temperature resistance also and easy to clean.

● Use imported PP, PVC for solid mechanical structure, good resistance to hydrochloric acid, heat resistance and never aging, suitable for salt fog copper acetate, Corrosion resistant, shock resistant etc.
● Patent nozzle and conical diffusion device makes the fall fog rapidly and evenly. With manual level automatic control mode, the biggest setting time can reach 9990 hours.
● Salt spray chamber have automatic demist device, can clear observe tested products after the experience is finished. Meet international test standards. Customization service is available & buyer’s ideas are warmly welcomed.
● Three complete temperature control systems(Saturated air temperature, the temperature in the cabinet, and the test liquid temperature) ensure the consistency and standards of the test. Long-term operation will not be permeated out, water airtight structure, no salt spray overflow. Optional pneumatic rod, not a gas source close Cover effortless. And there are no leak from the baths around.

● A waterproof structure is adopted between the salt spray test chamber’s cover and body and thus there is no salt spray overflow. Adopts the tower spraying system and equipped with the salt solution filter system and non-crystal nozzle so as to realize even salt spray distribution and freely adjustable settlement. Design and test standard according: ASTM B117, ASTM B268; JIS D 0201, JIS H 8502, JIS H 8610, JIS K 5400, JIS Z 2371; ISO 3768, ISO 3769, ISO 3770; GB/T 2423, GJB 150, CNS 3627, CNS 3385, CNS 4159, CNS 7669, CNS 8886.

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