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CertoClav Multicontrol autokláv kosárral

Cikkszám: CertoClav Multicontrol Autoclave 12 L / 18 L with stainless steel wire basket
Gyártó: CertoClav Sterilizer GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

Product information concering the standard unit:

CertoClav MultiControl the proven autoclave complete solution with programmable comfort and safety controls. Time saving through automatic controls. Independent malfunction detection and data interface. Fractionated venting

Compact: The verticle design allows for installation directly at the work station without water supply. The MultiControl controller can be mounted on the wall thus saving space.
Fast: The CertoClav is fast and energy efficient. The necessary quantities can be rapidly processed. The starting up of a large autoclave is no longer necessary. No waiting in the event that the large autoclave is already occupied. That saves energy and time.
Practical: The simple operation allows for effortless work. The sterilisation chamber is easy to open and close - simply rotate the cover and remove. Through the CertoLock locking device the laborious turning of several screws is avoided. The MultiControl controller automatically monitors the process and ensures a faultless process. Considerable time saving through abolition of the manual process control.
Safe: 4-fold safety system 50 years experience in autoclave construction.
Flexible:Wide range of application areas: Sterilisation, culture medium preparation, material testing (ICP-TM 610, HAST Test, GLB-AL 631). Long term cycles are easily possible.
Reliable: Robust design - tried and tested also for training operation. Often in use for over 20 years. Almost maintenance free.

Performance Freely selectable temperature from room temperature up to 140° C (up to 2.7 bar / 39.2 psi gauge pressure)
Ventilation Ventilation in the fractionated flow process. Vapour saturation corresponds to EN 13060
Control Electronic comfort and safety controls for temperature and time. 9 Programmes, 2 Fixed / 7 free, from 1s up to infinite loop. Automatic process cycle and independent malfunction detection. Progress indicator
Sterilisation goods Compact instruments also simply packaged, liquids (culture mediums), bottles and equipment, refuse sterilisation
Extensive loading Optimal usage of the chamber volume through top loading. Also long instruments, up to 42 cm (18L Version), can be handled
Safety (CertoSecure) Highest level of safety through CertoSecure 4 fold system. Excess pressure valve, pressure valve, safety cover locking mechanism to prevent opening under pressure, fall back safeguard
Locking device (CertoLock) Close with a handle via the CertoLock locking device. No laborious screwing is necessary
Standards/regulations Corresponds to international standards. CE certification. GS identification according to DIN and VDE/IEC. Sterilisation effect through the established expert opinion of the Graz institute for applied hygiene, Austria.
Device material Aluminium 3103 according to DIN 1725
Connections No water connection necessary. Electrical system: 220V, 50-60Hz, 1900 W. Data connection RS 232/10mV
Instruments Precision manometer with drag indicator, electronic temperature indicator
LCD indicator for process progress and process parameters. Data interface RS 232 and 10mV
Heating Integrated in the base, control via PT100 sensor. Heating elements are not submersed in water thereby extending their lifespan
Shipment Tripod, Instrument countertop
Instrument basket Wire basket for easy dropping in and lifting out of the sterilised goods


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