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BIOBASE Vérhűtő 250 L

Cikkszám: 250L Blood Bank Refrigerator - BIOBASE
Gyártó: BIOBASE GmbH

Leírás és Paraméterek

The Blood Bank Refrigerator is a specialized refrigerating equipment for the blood(whole blood) storage application, which is used in medical industry as well as cold storage of pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccine, and so on. It is suitable for hospitals, blood banks, sanitation and antiepidemic stations.

1. Micro computer control, temperature precision within 0.1 C.
2. LED display, more precisely.
3. Equipped with audio and visual alarm.
4. World famous compressor, motor, high efficiency condenser, evaporator, with long working life.
5. Strong cooling system, temperature can recover promptly after the door open/close.
6. Special lock, ensure the storage security.
7. Made of high quality steel, erod-proof coating.
8. Internal material: Stainless steel, easy for cleaning.
9. Prolonged Power cable (3m), convenient to use.
10. Temperature recorder.

Optional accessories:
chart recorder

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, CE

External Dimension(mm): 720*720*1980mm

Temperature  Range: 4 ± 1o °C