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Bio Bench SUB Disposable Bioreactor

Cikkszám: Solida Biotech Bio Bench SUB Disposable Bioreactor
Gyártó: Solida Biotech GmBH
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető

Leírás és Paraméterek

Bio Bench SUB Disposable Bioreactor

Bio Bench Compact and Advanced Controllers are both designed to control your stirred-tank glass or single-use vessels.
Our SUB systems can be used for animal, plant and insect cell cultivation as well as for microbial fermentation.

One or more control tower to drive one or parallel culture vessels independently of each other  opens up a new world of flexibility for your changing requirements.

Whether you need to perform batch, fed-batch or perfusion processes for process development; production or for preclinical and scale-up studies BIO BENCH is the ideal benchtop bioreactor for your lab.


Key competitive advantages

  • Fully configurable single-use bioreactors with choice of Cell-Vessels for cell culture and Bacto-Vessels for fermentation from 250mL to 75 Litres volume
  • Highest quality Polycarbonate and Nylon components for safe single use operations
  • A wide range of impellers, rotation or up-flow / down-flow / axial /radial fluid circulation for any application;
  • Full range of sensors, Classic and Single-Use-Sensor for PH and DO,  liquid level /foam sensors;
  • MST drive or HPD for connection to most servo motors;
  • Temperature controlled liquid jacket RUJ or SUJ through electrical heating blankets
  • Aeration methods; such as micro pore spargers, hole spargers, L-spargers, head space gas exchange
  • Large selection of accessories to configure the Vessel according to your application



  • Bio Bench Compact and Bio Bench Advanced both Controller platforms enable to interchange classic stirred tank glass autoclavable and SUB disposable vessels from 75mL to 75 litres volume.
  • Intuitive Controller and Software interface for entry-level or advanced operating modes.
  • Pre-programmed ready to use configurations either for fermentation and cell culture
  • Built-in modules with full range of Sensors , Gas Mixing and Pumping systems for full process control
  • Single and Parallel SUB single use Bioreactors operations up to 36 systems online through our Powerful Software Bioflex c
    Mixing and Impellers; we offer a great number of various impellers so that you can choose the right impellers for your specific needs.The impellers can be based on principles such as Pitch, Kidney, Marine, Helical.
    The number of blades in the impellers could be 2, 3, or 4.
    Accordingly, the blade angle  can differ as well, and  the blade angle degree to  horizontal plane could be  15, 30, or 45.
  • Tube stator with baffles for axial vortex mixing for improved mass transfer and increased productivity
  • Aeration: The aeration is extremely important and for that reason we provide to our clients various Ebeam / Gammatolerant polyethylene (PE), Hydrophobic Membranes such as:
    – Micro-porous bodies with 15 μm pores.
    – Macro-porous bodies with 100 μm pores.
    – Macro-porous bodies with 250 μm pores.
    – Super macro-porous Bodies with 500 μm holes.
  • Sensors; the In & Out system in our single-use bioreactors are usually equipped with weldable hoses. However, you can choose the type of hose and the connectors for fluids passing In and Out of the head plate.
  • Available sensors : Re-usable and Disposable. We would recommend to you Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) for the following  reasons:
    – Integrated SUS reduce the risk of any  contamination.
    – They could save much precious prep time  and labor because no autoclaving or sterilisation is needed.
    – SUS setup is possible right on the bench top.
    – Temperature control;  Our typical single-use bioreactors are equipped with silicone heating blankets or a double wall jacket in a closed loop.
  • High precision E-beam (32 kGy) irradiated in dual polyester foil bags,
  • Highest quality Polycarbonate and Nylon components
  • Number of standard PG13.5 ports according to the SUB diameter
  • Available integrated online sensors measurement such like Biomass, Optical density, Gas Analyser, Glucose Analyser, Alchool Analyser, pCO2 Analyser and others.
  • Online 24/24h maintenance service and support with remote diagnostics.



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