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Bio Bench Compact Bioreactor

Cikkszám: Solida Biotech Bio Bench Compact Bioreactor
Gyártó: Solida Biotech GmBH
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető

Leírás és Paraméterek

Bio Bench Compact Controller offer a wide choice of interchangeable vessels such as stirred tank Re-usable Glass and SUB Single-use disposable from 75mL to 75 Litres working volume and more. 
The control tower of the Bio Bench Compact is conceived featuring a compact footprint to saves valuable space in your laboratory.


The system enable full control of your bioprocess with digital pH and DO probes that help you immediately recognize whether you can use a probe for the next cultivation batch.

Moreover, the system has a built-in Gas Mixing system either with rotameters or mass-flow controllers for fermentation and cell culture process as well as a selectable Pumping system for precise liquid addition.

The whole Bioreactor system is driven by the BIOFLEX ™ Software that is an intelligent interface easy accessible also for beginners. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, operating the Bio Bench Compact becomes simple, reduces operating errors and speeds up training. The Bioflex Software can be installed on a laptop PC or tablet or smartphone and enables you to monitor and control the Bio Bench Compact at anytime in the laboratory, in the office or even at home.

Each of the Bio Bench Compact bioreactors can be equipped with a chiller that effectively removes heat from your culture. This reduces your cooling water usage, and you will not require a water supply line for cooling installed in your lab.

The only utility connections you need are electricity and gas supply to operate the Bio Bench Bioreactor.


Key competitive advantages

  • Intuitive Controller and Software interface for entry-level or advanced operating modes
  • Pre-programmed ready to use configurations either for fermentation and cell culture
  • Built-in modules with full range of Sensors , Gas Mixing and Pumping systems for full process control
  • One Controller platform enable to interchange classic stirred tank glass autoclavable and SUB disposable vessels from 75mL to 75L working volume
  • Bio Bench Compact Controller enable Single and Parallel Bioreactors operations
  • Powerful Software Bioflex can supervise and control up to 36 systems working simultaneously and independently.
  • Digital pH and Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor for improved accuracy and durability.
  • Available integrated online sensors measurement such like Biomass, Optical density, Gas Analyser, Glucose Analyser, Alchool Analyser, pCO2 Analyser and others.
  • Online 24/24h maintenance service and support with remote diagnostics.



  • Reliable PLC ‘programmable logic controller’ automation based on industry standard components
  • Fast Load peristaltic pumps for precise liquid addition
  • Accurate Rotameters or automated TMFC mass flow controllers for cell culture process
  • Automated adjustment of PID parameters
  • Higher cell densities with fed-batch processes
  • Convenient data storage and analysis
  • Leading Bioflex software is the ideal tool for experimental design, perform trial runs, as well as analyzing and optimizing media and parameters for cultivation


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