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65x Syringe Pump

Cikkszám: 65x Syringe Pump
Gyártó: Teledyne Isco

Termékfelelős: Bende Zsolt Levente

Mobil: 06-30/311-8358     

E- mail: bende.zsolt@labex.hu

Leírás és Paraméterek

65x Syringe Pump

20,000 psi (1,390 bar) for high pressure applications. Precision down to 0.01 uL/min.

The 65x syringe pump provides precise, predictable flow and pressure control at flow rates from sub-microliter to 25 mL/min. Exceptional low-flow stability at up to 20,000 psi (1,390 bar) makes this the ideal pump for high pressure applications from deep well core analysis and polymer extrusions. The 65x pumps to the lowest flow rates with zero pulsation available on the market!

The SyriXus controller has backlighted keypad and 4-line LCD display, as well as built-in and optional interfaces for computer control and other devices. Programming is easy and flexible, with instant access to menu screens even when the pump is running. This allows you to change operating parameters on the fly. Control the pump remotely using driver for LabVIEW™ software, in addition to pump controller. 

The 65x pump module has a single-ratio drive train with autolubricating gears for long life and low maintenance. Special fittings are used to prevent leaks and ensure safety at maximum pressure. Wetted materials are compatible with most aqueous and organic liquids, corrosive solutions, heated fluids, liquefied gases. Continuous pumping is available in either single or dual pumping system controlled via air valves, offering zero pulsation for unlimited delivery. 

Trust in the Teledyne ISCO SyriXus pumps for proven reliable design. Known for years of performance, it can delivery fluid or pressurized gas for long term experiments. Or hold pressure constant in the system at a simple click of the button.

Standard Features

  • 65x pump has 1/4" F-250 fittings for secure high-pressure connections.
  • Rugged single-ratio drive train has auto-lubricating gears to assure long life and low maintenance.
  • Each ISCO SyriXus syringe pump is bench tested at the factory.
  • Exclusive "Smart Key" controller. All ISCO SyriXus pumps use the same controller that can operate any four pump modules, either independently or together. Operating modes include:
    • Single pump independent constant flow or pressure
    • Single pump flow - or pressure - ramp programming
    • Single pump dispensing
    • Dual pump continuous constant flow or pressure 
    • Dual pump concentration gradients
    • Four-pump configured systems
  • RS-232/485 serial interface for computer control or monitoring of operating parameters.
  • Redundant safety is designed in. All SyriXus pumps have mechanical and electrical fail-safes, in addition to the factory default or user-set limits.
  • Corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 - the standard material for cylinders, pistons, and caps - is an austenitic stainless steel with outstanding strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Standard seals are heavy-duty, graphite-impregnated Teflon, providing very long life under harsh operating conditions.


  • High-pressure experiments requiring precision control
  • Proteomics research using nanobore capillary packed columns
  • Rock core analyses for hydrocarbon recovery studies in deep-well reservoirs
  • Chemical/reactant feed in chemical process development, catalyst evaluation, plastic formation

Options and Accessories

  • Temperature control jacket (cylinder cooling for filling with liquefied gas)
  • Drivers for LabVIEW graphical programming software from National Instruments
  • 4-20 mA input for flow rate and pressure control.​