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1138 Oxigén bomba

Cikkszám: PARR 1138 Oxygen Combustion Bomb
Gyártó: Parr Instrument Company

Termékfelelős: Bende Zsolt Levente

Mobil: 06-30/311-8358     

E- mail: bende.zsolt@labex.hu

Leírás és Paraméterek

Combustion with oxygen in a sealed Parr bomb has been accepted for many years as a standard method for converting solid and liquid combustible samples into soluble forms for chemical analysis. It is a reliable method whose effectiveness stems from its ability to treat samples quickly and conveniently within a closed system without losing any of the sample or its combustion products. All hydrocarbons are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water by the reaction, and all sulfur compounds are converted to soluble forms and absorbed in a small amount of water placed in the bomb. Organic chlorine compounds are converted to HCl or chlorides. Any mineral constituents remain as ash, but other inorganic elements such as arsenic, boron and all of the halogens are recovered with the bomb washings. The entire procedure is simple and straightforward, with its superiority over other sample preparation methods derived primarily from it’s: speed, safety and significant sample size. Samples large enough to be statistically significant can be treated in these bombs with complete sample recovery.

The 1138 Oxygen Bomb is the standard bomb in the 6400 Calorimeter. The 1138 Oxygen Bomb has been designed to withstand a higher magnitude of tests. The head is designed with an O-ring groove which is optimized to minimize frictional wear, in turn improving the lifetime of the seal. The bomb head is removable for fast sample loading using the patented Quick Twist-Lock vessel closure design.