L-3210 Isocratic Pump

L-3210 Isocratic Pump Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
Cikkszám: Rigol L-3210 Isocratic Pump
Gyártó: Rigol Technologies, Inc.
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
Leírás és Paraméterek

Designed & developed by RIGOL’s patented technology, and manufactured through advanced processing, L-3210 isocratic pump owns world-class performance parameters: 9000 PSI operating pressure, excellent flowrate accuracy and precision.
Besides, L-3210 is with high durability and can fully meet general QA/QC requirements.

An isocratic pump competent for general QA/QC use, stale and easy to use,

as well as lower cost for run & maintenance .


  ►  Max. pressure limit 9000PSI,

A higher pressure limit allows a wider flexible range of chromatographic separation conditions and higher efficiency.


  ►  Proprietary pulsation dampening technology keeps the pressure pulsation under 10PSI,

resulting in a better qualitative reproducibility.

  ►  High stability and durability, a longer service life.

  ►  Online wash for piston rod can effectively extends the service life of sealing parts.

Co-works with L-3100 solvent organizer.

  ► Product Specification
L-3210 Isocratic Pump
L-3220 Binary Pump
L-3240 Quarternary Pump
Flowrate Range
0.01 mL/min -10.000 mL/min (increment 0.001mL/min)
Flowrate Accuracy
±0.5% (@1mL/min,water)
Flowrate Precision
≤0.1% (@1mL/min,water) (JJG)
≤0.07% RSD (@1mL/min,water) (ASTM)
Pressure Limit
9,000 PSI (@0-2mL/min)
6,000 PSI (@2-5mL/min)
3,000 PSI (@5-10mL/min
Pressure Pulsation
≤1% (@1mL/min,water,back pressure>10Mpa)
Gradient Accuracy N/A ±0.5%
Gradient Reproducibility
≤0.15% RSD
≤0.15% RSD
17 Kg
22 Kg
18 Kg
462 mm(D)×367 mm(W)×143(H)mm
Power supply
100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150Wmax