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Egyedi bioreaktorok

Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
Cikkszám: Solida Biotech Bioreactors - Custom Projects
Gyártó: Solida Biotech GmBH
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető

Leírás és Paraméterek

Custom Projects

Solida Biotech has matured over the last 10 years of activity and nowdays we are confident to offer robust and performing Bioreactors systems.

We have been through the selection of multiple suppliers and production partners choosing the most appropriate configuration and organizational set-up to keep a  rofitable ration between production costs and revenew.

We have been working on over 200 different projects facing various applications and experiences in the world of green, white and red biotechnologies.

We worked on several customised systems solutions, retrofit and integration of existing bioreactors and plants and also turn-key projects for pilot and industrial applications.
Our expertise vary from bacterial, yeasts and fungi fermentation to animal and insects cell cultivation, plants cell cultures and also renewable energies, with more than 300 Bioreactors systems installed through europe and overseas.

Solida Biotech competences and services include:
• Project management
• Process engineering (P&ID, functional analysis)
• Mechanical design (vessels and piping – 3D isometric drawings)
• Electrical and control system design, programming
• Piping manufacturing and wiring
• Commissioning and after-sales services
• Qualification and Validation (cGMP,GAMP,CFR21 part11)
• Design Qualification (DQ)
• Installation Qualification (IQ)
• Operational Qualification (OQ)
• Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
• Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
• Performance Qualification (PQ)