Asztali spektrofotométer - T60U

Asztali spektrofotométer - T60U Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
Cikkszám: PG Benchtop Spectrophotometer T60U
Gyártó: PG Instruments Limited
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
Leírás és Paraméterek

The T60U (UV-Visible) has a wavelength range of 190 -1100nm. The instrument has a switched mode power supply accepting voltages in the range of 95 - 240V AC and is supplied with either universal pathlength 5 cell changer or fixed path length 8 cell changer as standard.


  • High performance fixed 2nm spectral bandwidth.
  • Low stray light 0.05%T (T60U).
  • Wavelength accuracy +/- 1nm (T60U).
  • Holographic blazed grating 1200lines/mm.
  • Local control software for photometric fixed wavelength measurement.
  • Easily upgraded to include quantitative analysis, multi wavelength spectrum & kinetics.
  • Built in cell holder storage.
  • Robust modular design with a small footprint.
  • Can be used with UV-WIN software (optional)
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